Sean Wheelan – Artist Statement

To those who come upon this statement of intention, please take caution as you may get wet from perspiration due to the complexities explored which seem glorious to you yet to I tis natural akin to my flowering practice.

Exploring the unique yet original powers of my identity takes centre stage which is to be expected from a high quality visual artist as per the greats of several years past. We as a society take great, seductive pleasure in the angst of others who create work for very little wealth unless you count verbal criticism as reward, which I would gladly be willing to partake in due course for the glory of those who watch. Sensationalising my practice for the saliva inducing delight of those who look, think and critique is a step that I will take as per the others that have come before me as grand examples.

Grounding my arguable talent comes from the power of my words such as the delicate use of: self-discovery, unique, image, absurd and to invite the masses on to a journey of imagination. It is painfully obvious that my work is fantastic in my humble opinion but unfortunately I too have to join the back of the queue holding my words in my mouth to grab those who are willing to listen.

My grand powers as a visual creator is for your pleasure as is mine as you are dedicating your precious time to listen to some random wither on about how life is bad/sad/great/difficult/ok/scary etc. Who doesn’t want to listen to some millennial talk about the difficulties of their life openly and proudly yet criticise those who criticise them back? In a perfect world, this statement of intention would be shortened to a simple sentence of:

“My life is sad and so should yours be”

Unfortunately, this creative practice has been proudly adorned by a high percentage of artists which means I have to be even more creative in implying my troubles in a subtle yet loud manner. Even more sadly I have yet to come across the troubles of the common man to grab the adoration of the wealthy thinkers/criticisers/buyers but I shall break on through with a fiery effort to pull the heart strings of those beautiful, intelligent scoundrels.

Originality is one of the fundamental cornerstones of my practice as I birth natural yet unnatural pieces of joy which burrows into the psyche of you and I. These unique takes on life itself is thought through by the overwhelming concept of appropriation. I appropriate to devise powerful, singular works which stand out due to their inspired originality. Some say nothing is original anymore; frankly they are not looking hard enough at my excellence of execution. The natural forms of the unique ready-made objects propel my oeuvre to great new heights as is to be expected as I am a beyond-contemporary artist. My artistic license is signed and authorised by the great yet equal minds of this fine nation and I use that license to display my undeniable thoughts for your pleasure as well as mine.

My natural abilities seduce audiences into false security before I ravish them with ground-breaking concepts which neither of us is too scared to breach. Slipping in like an oily snake my Scottish Landscape inspired soul calls out to the masses with grandeur as it breaches the almighty heavens above into a storm of thoughtfulness. These lubricated connections between the audience and I will be written in respected journals but also dissertations doomed for failure due to the polarizing nature of my lauded practice. My all natural, solarised persona fuelled by the blooming potentiality of my fundamentals leaks onto the beauty of my works which will bring a tear to a grizzly bear.

To those who listen, I haven’t lived in the streets but experienced holes in my jean pockets. Too many times have coppers fell through and I never looked back never hearing them fall due to weekly podcasts. I have yet to dine with Kings and Queens but I do enjoy pork and beans (especially on toast). I have been happy and sad, sometimes at the same time but never have I boasted about those cloudy days as frankly I’d rather the sunny ones win.

To say I perform is an insult to those who do every day denying who they really are into becoming something they are really not. The term performance is one I wish I can avoid but unfortunately the term is the nectar to the drooling hive that craves for something contemporary to inflate their self-worth. My performance is different as I pander to those who drool despite my clothed behaviour as I still yearn to hide my shame. Due to the times we live in, we accept the nudity of freedom but not the nudity of lust and this implication hangs around like a bad smell as to what is classed as a performance. I too can adorn the uniform of black t shirt and leggings for a cheap price from Primark but my glorious hindsight knows that sheep’s wool is the new black.

Through divine intuition, I know that I have joined the ranks of high quality practitioners, who create inspiring, excellent, tasteful, tight, succinct, beautiful, immaculate, jaded creations from my beloved mind. The identity of such works will worm their way into the depths of your soul because I say so and we all know that we have a mighty say on the on goings of the world from our rusty tower. If you are not able to appreciate the glorious taste of my correct opinions, you are more than welcome to indulge with some other creator’s pointless expressions. Not to sound biased but I feel more than worthy to be gazed upon as you wipe the tear from your eye comprehending the motivations and magnitude of my written word. The written word grabs your soul and whatever is left of you before you are distracted by the next set of buzz words and supposed relevance of other contemporary artists. If that is true so be it as I still have time to continue to state my intentions to you.


There will be Coffee and Cake.

'The Statement' was exhibited on a long continuous roll of white paper reaching the gallery floor.

The piece was written as satire. My own statement is marginally less self-indulgent.